Records Management & Storage

It is critical that your company's accounting, finance records and associated records are managed properly, have appropriate retention periods and that the retention process is managed appropriately and transparently.

Records Management & Storage

Advantage Records Management & Storage is uniquely positioned to consult, plan, and execute a comprehensive records management and retention program to satisfy your company’s records management policies and much more. Advantage Records Management utilizes the latest technology including bar-coding and web based services to give you and your business a clear Advantage when it comes to your records storage and records retention strategies. Advantage Records Management maintains full control of our web based services, giving you “real time” information regarding your documents in our secure facility. You can be assured that your records are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year….even under the most severe of circumstances. We are only a phone call or a mouse click away. Advantage Records Management wants you to know that your records and critical documents are safe, efficiently managed & economically stored!

Security, privacy, accessibility and cost are the four determinants in keeping records in any storage facility.

Although patient chart conversions can vary from hundreds of thousands of images to millions of images, at Advantage Information Management Solutions, we understand that EVERY page may become critical when researched. EVERY page must be as legible as the original, no pages can be omitted and the data entered to identify the patient must be accurate. These three essentials have driven our focus on document scanning and conversion quality control over the years.

Financial organizations face the challenge of finding new ways to thrive in an ever more complex operational environment. With spiraling costs, increasing regulation and competitive pressures, the need for simplified, speedier business processes that no longer rely on paper is imperative. As a result, Advantage Information Solutions understands that organizations are looking to improve internal operations, improve customer service satisfaction and expand their competitive advantage by being more efficient.

In today’s economic environment manufacturers must increase their overall business efficiency and reduce costs in order to remain competitive. Pressures to reduce product life cycles, improve quality, enforce standards, and comply with regulations make it vital for this sector to implement a document scanning and conversion solution. The Advantage Companies can assist by converting paper-based documents such as shipping/warehouse receipts, CAD drawings, letters, standard forms, reports, and even Emails into a digital format that can be searched and retrieved.
At Advantage Records Management & Storage, confidentiality of legal records is paramount to our operations. Only authorized client staff may request documents, which are handled in accordance with pre-established retrieval methods. Depending upon where the specific document lies within the process, electronic images can be immediately transmitted to the requestor. The document might be scanned and transmitted or the original might be photocopied and sent back in physical form.

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