Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIPAA and why should I worry about it?

HIPAA is an acronym for the Federal Government’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. which is a federal statute that provides for the development of uniform national health information data and privacy standards. In adopting the Act, Congress determined that the provisions of HIPAA would preempt any contrary state law unless the state law is more stringent than the related provision of HIPAA or unless a specific exception applies. The Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information (the Privacy Rule) took effect on April 14, 2001. The Privacy Rule creates national standards to protect individuals’ personal health information and gives patients increased access to their medical records.

What is wrong with storing my records in a self storage facility?

Security, privacy, accessibility and cost are the four determinants in keeping records in a self storage, garage type of facility. If a simple lock or padlock is sufficient for your security. If you don’t care who or what may have access to personal, financial and medical information. If accessibility means sending you or one of your employees away from their job to drive across town to dig through your storage area. If you want to spend $80 to $120 a month to store records that could be stored in a secured records center for possibly half that amount…

What security precautions do you take?

We take security very seriously at Advantage. Our facility is equipped with: High/ low temp sensors and card access system on entry doors. All overhead and dock doors are secured, alarmed and under video surveillance. There are glass break detectors all windows, exterior doors, vault and computer server room. We employ motion detectors in the office and warehouse areas, and  video surveillance in the office, warehouse, vault and computer room. There is a line cut monitor w/ radio signal alarm and many other tools and policies in place to ensure your records are safe and secure.

Why should I get my boxes from you?

ARMS supplies one of the industries strongest double sided carton for the storage of your records. These cartons can support 200 lbs of weight on the top of the box. We would be happy to supply these extra strong cartons for your records storage. These cartons can be purchased directly, and will last much longer and be a better value than other single sided cartons.

Is there a size of box you prefer to use?

Yes! While all our boxes are of superior quality, we prefer that clients use our standard 1.2 cubic foot box. Having more boxes will not increase your storage costs since we generally charge by the cubic foot. In addition it is easier for our employees to work with a standard rather than a legal size box and it is healthier for them because it creates less stress on their backs.

 What is a permanent removal fee?

This is a charge by other records centers to keep your records at their facility. It costs you additional money to permanently remove your records from storage from their facility. ARMS has no permanent removal fee! We work hard to keep our customer satisfied with our service, and don’t believe in keeping them by charging extra for exit fees

Can you destroy my old records?

Yes, we can arrange for the destruction of your records, and supply you with the appropriate “Certificate of Destruction” for your records.

Do you have a documented Media Destruction Procedure?

Advantage has a strict policy to ensure that all data on tapes, optical disks & other removable media is destroyed per client request. Destruction refers to the process of physically damaging a medium so that it is not usable in a computer and so that no known exploitation method can retrieve data from it.

How does ARMS use the Internet?

We supply the people you have assigned with internet access. They will have a user name and a password to sign on, and would have access to the inventory of your records and the ability to request that cartons and/or files be pulled, or picked up. And this is done in “real time”.

Why is “real time” important with your internet services?

When you send an internet order it goes to our server and our program notifies us that an order has been received. Some other records management programs send the orders to their companies computers in Pennsylvania or elsewhere and then back to their clients computers. This not only provides a security issue but also a delay in processing which could be critical for your needs.