Financial & Insurance

Financial organizations face the challenge of finding new ways to thrive in an ever more complex operational environment. With spiraling costs, increasing regulation and competitive pressures, the need for simplified, speedier business processes that no longer rely on paper is imperative. As a result, Advantage Information Solutions understands that organizations are looking to improve internal operations, improve customer service satisfaction and expand their competitive advantage by being more efficient.

 Financial & Insurance

The Advantage Companies can assist by converting paper-based documents such as customer files, human resource records, signature verification cards, safe deposit contracts, wire transfer documents, loan documents, etc. into a digital format that can be searched and retrieved for viewing or printing. Accessing electronic documents is much faster enabling bank and financial service organizations to be more forthcoming with their business information to assist with critically important regulatory compliance and increased customer satisfaction.

Many of our document scanning and conversion projects are done at our clients’ facilities. We have several teams of onsite technicians that are experienced in working at customer sites, including the installation of scanners, PCs, Servers, mini-networks that are not connected to client systems. We are able to maintain high volume production while accommodating document requests, customer work schedules, etc. Customers who prefer to have us pickup their documents can further reduce costs by having the conversion done at The Advantage Companies.

The Insurance Banking & Financial Services area has been one of our most important market segments. We provide document storage services for banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and related financial services companies. Applications range from signature cards to loan files, contracts, analyst reports, underwriting, client files and other critical functions. These industries have always responded to the importance of governmental reporting by maintaining meticulous records. We have supported this critical function for years, beginning with micrographics conversions and more recently, with document scanning. We anticipate that the focus on corporate responsibility will accelerate the need for the maintenance of vital records in easily accessible fashion.

We have converted millions of documents not only from paper, but also from microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards and bound materials.

Our ability to deliver client applications in a wide variety of formats has proven itself successful in a broad range of industries & applications. We focus on:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Contracts
  • Copyrights & Royalties
  • Case Report Files CRFs
  • Claims
  • Credit Files
  • Engineering Reports & Drawings
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Human Resource Files
  • Laboratory Reports & Notebooks
  • Litigation
  • Loans & Mortgages
  • Material Data Safety Sheets – MSDS
  • Medical Records Management
  • New Drug Applications – NDA
  • Public Filings
  • Publications
  • Quality Control
  • Rare Documents
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement Files
  • Signature Cards
  • Student Records
  • Surveys
  • Technical Reports
  • Transcripts
  • Trust Files

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Advantage Information Management Solutions (AIMS) has been providing our clients with high volume, and even higher quality electronic document imaging service projects from paper, microfilm and microfiche since 2003. Our average staff member has more than twenty years of experience with sophisticated document scanning services, facilities management and a broad array of document imaging and data capture services.


In your business, you accumulate critical documents. You need to organize, store and have easy access to all that information. Archiving and retrieving information may not be your core competency. It is ours. Advantage Information Management Solutions (AIMS) manages and provides solutions tailored to your specific requirements. The Advantage Companies’ commercial division has provided document management solutions for many years.  We pride ourselves in our understanding of business documents and their impact on your bottom line.

Data and document hosting services from Advantage Information Management Solutions include designing and implementing cost-effective Web Based Document Management systems. We use these systems to create a web accessible archive that leverages the latest online based document management technologies. Each application is customized to meet a client’s specific needs for an online web document hosting application.


Microfilm scanning plays a very important roll in any document preservation and access strategy, and Advantage Information Management Solutions are world leaders in this field – the result of over 30 years of working with micro graphic media.  Our microfilm laboratory has converted hundreds of millions of images from microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards.

DocuWare is an integrated document management solution that can automate business processes by managing any type of document, regardless of format or source, in a central document pool – for example paper records, letters, faxes, drawings, PC and other electronic files including e-mail. DocuWare supports all forms of electronic signatures. Integrated records management ensures that all access is secure, controlled, and logged.


Our document scanning services for micro-graphics are unmatched – the result of years of working with micro-graphic media.  Our microfilm laboratory has converted hundreds of millions of images from microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. At Advantage Information Management Solutions we offer many options for conversion of microfiche to digital image. Although similar to microfilm roll scanning, microfiche images must be individually scanned, and the conversion requires more time than roll film.


At Advantage Information Management Solutions we support a wide variety of document scanning and imaging systems. The primary focus of this division of the Advantage Companies is on document scanning and conversion services.  We have been an Authorized DocuWare Partner (ADP) for several years but we are not limited to importation into their system.  Our extensive in-house programming team makes us a unique service bureau.


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