Search Results Screen

 Search Results Screen

After you have performed a Basic Search, an Advanced Search, a Browse by Title, or a Browse by Year, you will be taken to the Search Results Screen (it is also the same screen after you have performed a Browse by Year or Browse by Title).

Let’s look at each element, from top to bottom.

In the top right, it displays the total number of results, and the first 10 of those results are displayed in the middle section. (Here I have cut off the number of results in the above image to 3 results.)

Moving to the left. You see the numbers 1 and 2.  This allows you to display the search results ten results at a time.

This section allows you to perform a new search and/or modify the existing results with an additional search.  You also can move to the Advanced Search screen if desired, or Clear the search parameters and create a new search.

If you wish to start a new search, thus ignoring the results that are presented, you would enter either keyword(s) or First and Last Name. You can also restrict the search to a date range by entering Start Tear and End Year.

If you wish to work with the existing search results, then you can further refine your results.  But first you need to check the Retain Current Filters checkbox.

The “Retain Current Filters” check box is VERY important. If you do not check the box, then any search or browse selection (Year or Title) will assume you are starting with a blank slate – i.e., a new search.

Here’s an example where I wish to use the same search results, but restrict those results to the period of 1866 through 1869.  If you look at the “Browse By Year” numbers on the lower left, you see that there is 1 result from 1866, 1 from 1867, and 2 from 1869.  If I check the Retain Current Filters check box, enter the Start year as 1866, and End year as 1869 and depress Go, I will get 4 results, all from that date range.

Here is a theoretical example for using Retain Current Filters:

If you make refinements using the Browse, or between dates, and then change the search term, you can check the “Retain Current Filters” check box to only search using those refinements… basically, only search those dates, or titles.

Another example: through trial and error you have narrowed your search for “Bob Smith Elected To Office” in Cedar Rapids Iowa in May 1962, but now you want to find other instances in which he might be mentioned. You might try Robert Smith, to do so, you just need to change the search term… and do not have to redo the refinements.

SO… deciding to use the Retain Current Filters box is VERY important to pay attention to.

You also can narrow your Browse or Search results, by selecting a specific newspaper title or year. Remember to decide whether or not you wish to have the starting point be the entire collection (in which case you would NOT check the Retain Current Filters box), or have your starting point be the results that are already listed (in which case you WOULD check the retain Current Filters box).

And lastly, to see a newspaper page in image form, all that you need to do is to click on the title of the newspaper in the list of search results. The newspaper page image will be displayed then on the Image Viewer screen.