Newspaper Page Image Handling

  Newspaper Page Image Handling

Tutorial – Image Viewer

After you have selected the newspaper and page number from your search results or browse list, you will be presented with the Image Viewer Screen.  There will be a row of icons at the top of the screen

Here are a series of short videos that display how to use the features represented by each icon:

Image Viewer Cropping an Image –  click on the Crop icon and then stretch the blue box around the portion you wish to save.  Then you can either print or save the cropped image as a jpeg file

Image Viewer Page Download –  to download an entire image page as a pdf, click on the Down Arrow and then save it to your PC

Image Viewer Resize Image an image can be made to view bigger or smaller by sing the dropdown or the “=” or “-“  icons

Image Viewer Scrolling once an image is displayed, you can scroll through the images/pages for that specific date of publication

Image Viewer – Search Within Image –  Once an image is displayed, you can search for other words by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and entering the word(s)