Newspaper Page Image Handling

  Newspaper Page Image Handling

After you have selected the newspaper and page number from your search results or browse list, you will be presented with the Image Viewer Screen.  There will be a row of icons at the top of the screen:

Below that will be a black bar with that includes information about the selected newspaper:

You can close this if you wish by clicking on the “X” on the right. But it is important that you save this information as a “citation.” If you download a pdf of the page or choose to clip an article, it is very useful to “cite” the newspaper title, location, and page number for future reference. If you don’t, when you view the image that you have saved, months or years later, you may not remember where you have found it.

Home Icon

This icon, which is the image of a house, is used to go back to the Home screen.

Back to Search Results Icon

This icon, an image of a paper page, when selected, takes you back to your Search Results Page.

Download Page Icon

This icon is a download symbol, which allows you to download the displayed page to a file in pdf format.  I highly encourage you to do so, even though you may be interested only in a clipping from the page. 

Crop and Clip Icon

This icon allows you to clip a portion of the page and save or print it. I highly encourage you to save it, even though you may currently only be interested in printing the clipping.

After you click on the clipping icon, you will be presented with a white rectangle, with an “X” in the upper right corner, and a “Next Step” icon (the > symbol) in the lower right corner. Hold the left mouse button down and drag the box over the clipping of interest to you.  You can enlarge the box to any size or make it smaller, by going to the edge of the box and dragging the sides to the area you wish to clip.

After you select ‘Next Step” (the > symbol) in the lower right corner, the clipping will be redrawn on the screen.  You will have two options – to print the clipping using your computer’s standard print dialog, or you can save the clipping as an image file.

Please Note – as a matter of standard practice, I save every clipping as an image file but I also save the page it came from as a pdf file.  Why?  Because if you have a very small clipping, many times you will want to enlarge it to be able to read it better, but zooming in on an image file may negatively distort the image as you enlarge it.  If you zoom in on the area of your clipping from the pdf file of the newspaper page, it will not be distorted and you can clip the clipping you wish with your computer’s standard snipping tool (or a third-party app that you may have installed).

Search on Page Icon

This icon, “Search on Page,” allows you to search for a word or set of words directly on the displayed page. After you depress the “Magnifying Glass” icon, you will get a search box (depicted below). You enter the word/words in the box and the results will appear.  I would suggest selecting the “Highlight All” checkbox and you can also check the “Exact Results” box if you wish to. and if the search criteria is on the page then they will be displayed.  Select Next or Previous (the < or > icon) to traverse between highlighted results.

Zoom Icons

The Plus and the Minus icons allow you to Zoom In or Zoom Out.  This can enlarge or make the page appear smaller. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can change the Zoom that way as well. You can also select the page size from the dropdown in between the Plus and Minus icons.

Page Selection Icon

This icon on the right allows you to move between newspaper pages by selecting the forward (>) or the backward (<) symbols. If you select the little triangle symbol you can choose any of the pages that drop down after selecting the triangle symbol.

Move Around the Page Icon

To move around the displayed page, select the move icon. If you depress and hold your left mouse button, this allows you to move the selected page image all around the screen.