Basic Search From Home Page

  Basic Search From Home Page

Tutorial – Basic Search from Home Page

The Home Page provides the user with the ability to perform a “Basic Search”.  Here is the Home Page:

The large box in the middle of the page is where you can enter your search criteria and then depress the Go button on the right of the box.

Whatever you enter in the search box will be searched for in the entire collection.

Here are some examples:

  • A surname, such as Miller
  • A full name, such as “Robert Miller” The quotes are required so that the search engine knows that the word Robert is immediately followed by the word Miller.
  • If you enter Robert Miller without quotes, a Boolean AND is implied, meaning that both Robert and Miller must appear on the same page for that page to be returned in the search results. They do not have to appear next to each other in this case.
  • A phrase, such as “Montgomery Bus Boycott” must be enclosed in quotes for a page containing that phrase to be included in the search results.
  • You can enter Boolean expressions in the Basic Search box, such as “Rosa Parks” AND Montgomery for pages that include articles about Montgomery and Rosa Parks on the same page. Or – Montgomery NOT “Rosa Parks” for articles that are on pages with the word Montgomery, but the page must not have “Rosa Parks” on it.

After pressing ”Go”, the Search Results Page will appear.