Newspaper Publishers

In partnering with Advantage Preservation you will be working with a team that has over 50 years combined experience in the Newspaper Microfilming Industry, we meet or exceed all ANSI/AIIM Standards for microfilm preservation. The Microfilming will be done at no cost to our Publishing Partners. The only cost you will have is shipping the papers to our facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Your Master Negative copy can be stored at no additional charge in our state of the art vault under your ownership.

Newspaper Publishers

Advantage Preservation understands the importance of history contained in each page of newspaper published. We also recognize that microfilm is the only viable solution to the long term archiving of that content. Access to this content is equally valuable, which is why we offer comprehensive (and affordable) digital solutions, but we view digitization as an enhancement to the preservation strategy and not a replacement for it…and only if it respects the publishers strategy in regards to their strategy regarding their content…past, present and future.

We regard our relationships with the publisher as partnerships, and we enjoy a collaborative approach in developing a strategy for preservation, access, and monetization. Through profit sharing and royalty arrangements, publishers are rightfully compensated for any distribution of their content, and their copyright is respected at all times regardless of the partnership arrangement. We have a dedicated team of account managers that work with Libraries, Colleges, and Historical Societies across the country and will actively promote and market your content to interested institutions.  With every subscriber to your film you will be notified and you will receive a royalty generated from every subscription, paid quarterly.  (Minimum of 2 Microfilm subscribers to receive royalties).


What we offer Newspaper Publishers:

  • The filming will be done at no cost to the Publisher and includes a silver negative master and a silver positive copy of the film.  The only cost you will have is shipping the papers to the Advantage Companies facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • We have a purpose built microfilm storage facility that we will store the microfilm masters upon request.
  • Subscriptions to the microfilm for the libraries, colleges, and historical societies will be actively marketed. We know their budgets, and the challenges they face. Like our publishers, we consider these institutions to be partners and not clients. We work hard to strike the perfect value that works within their budget while still providing the highest revenue potential for the publisher.
  • The publisher is eligible for 20% to 40% royalties on any services offered by Advantage depending on the size, contract commitment, and sales potential.  Microfilm will beproduced within 30 days of receiving the newspapers. Neither the publisher nor the libraries will not have to wait to receive microfilm.
  • All of our microfilm is produced in the United States, using the highest quality film stocks from FujiFilm and processed in our FujiFilm certified lab. Original materials and produced microfilm will NEVER leave our secure facility.

Our Quality Standards:

Quality Control and Quality Assurance are what set the microform production process at Advantage Preservation apart from others in the industry. Quality Control is defined as those steps incorporated into the production process that are designed specifically to reduce error. Quality Assurance is the process by which the total product is examined to ensure that the quality criteria established by Advantage Preservation are met.

Quality criteria may include, but may not be limited to:

  • Overall legibility
  • Smallest detail legibility captured
  • Completeness of detail
  • Dimensional accuracy compared with the original
  • Completeness of overall image area
  • Density

Our processes align to ANSI/AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) standards for archival microfilming, as well as specifications developed by the Research Libraries Group (RLG) & by the Library of Congress. This requires stringent adherence to our internal guidelines regarding the careful production & examination of all archival microfilm, in addition to well controlled storage & handling conditions

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At Advantage Preservation, we understand that preservation is only 1/2 of the equation. Once your materials are protected on Microfilm, you need to consider accessibility to the valuable content. Advantage Preservation offers a user friendly digital solution to research your materials. The digital images can be provided on a searchable Hard Drive, DVD or we can format the images so they can be imported into your own searchable database. We offer full OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Indexing of the images.


Combined, the Advantage Preservation team has been partnering with Libraries, Colleges, and Historical Societies to preserve their local history for over a century. We take great pride in converting local historical newspapers, record books, public records, and photos onto 35mm Silver Halide Microfilm to protect the valuable content from the ravages of time. Our Microfilm meets all ANSI/AIIM Standards for microfilm preservation and use archival-quality 35mm Silver Halide microfilm produced in our lab for true 500+ year preservation.


Digital Archive Hosting services from Advantage Preservation include designing and implementing cost-effective Web Based Document Management systems. We use these systems to create a web-accessible archive that leverages the latest online based document management technologies. Each application is customized to meet a client’s specific needs for an online web document hosting application.


Microfilm scanning plays a very important roll in any document preservation and access strategy, and Advantage Information Management Solutions are world leaders in this field – the result of over 30 years of working with micro graphic media.  Our microfilm laboratory has converted hundreds of millions of images from microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards.

When properly manufactured, processed, and stored, polyester-based silver gelatin microfilm can be expected to last for as long as 500 years, but routine inspection of your non-silver film is highly recommended. As resources and time are limited commodities in most organizations, we have contract services for microfilm inspection available to help ensure the integrity of your film archive. Advantage Preservation’s associates and archival specialists will evaluate existing acetate based microfilm collections and provide detailed documentation.

Our document scanning services for micro-graphics are unmatched – the result of years of working with micro-graphic media.  Our microfilm laboratory has converted hundreds of millions of images from microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. At Advantage Information Management Solutions we offer many options for conversion of microfiche to digital image. Although similar to microfilm roll scanning, microfiche images must be individually scanned, and the conversion requires more time than roll film.


We utilize a number of different OCR conversion software packages for our scanning services and forms processing, each of which has its own strengths for certain types of documents. We don’t just scan paper documents, but we also convert materials that have been stored in microfilm and microfiche. Advanatage tailors data capture to the specific requirements of a project. We carefully analyze client needs and intensively test alternatives before recommending the conversion process.


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