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Pages old and new are microfilmed for 500-year preservation and complimented by affordable digitization for easy access to content that was previously inaccessible.

Advantage Preservation prides itself not only meeting, but exceeding ANSI/AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) standards for archival microfilming, as well as specifications developed by the Research Libraries Group (RLG) and by the Library of Congress. This requires stringent adherence to internal Advantage Preservation guidelines regarding the careful production and examination of all archival microfilm, in addition to well controlled storage and handling conditions. Advantage Preservation also offers microfilm duplication, microfilm inspection, as well as re-mastering of “at risk” film that has been contaminated by redox or vinegar syndrome.

We use the only proven long term preservation method for newspaper preservation,  microfilming on to silver halide 35MM archival quality film. This polyester based microfilm is the only medium currently recommended for preservation microfilming. This stable and durable 35MM microfilm has a life expectancy of over 500 years under the proper storage and handling conditions. Ultrasonic welds are used for all splices, and all of the preservation microfilm produced by Advantage Preservation is wound on inert plastic reels and stored in acid-free, lignin storage boxes. Advantage Preservation maintains a dedicated microfilm storage vault, with constant temperature control, humidity management, flat archival storage, and pollution filtration to maintain maximum quality.

In addition to our dedication to archival preservation, we also understand the need for accessibility. Advantage Preservation, will digitize your newspaper or historical document to produce a comprehensive, keyword searchable, digital archive for use in your institution, organization, or website.

Advantage Preservation is committed to preserve and facilitate access to historical content in print that would otherwise be lost to the erosion of time. All original materials remain in our secure facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for as long as we are the custodian.

We work with libraries, state and local historical societies, newspaper publishers, genealogical societies, museums, and other institutions that value history as much as we do. Our model is to focus on partnerships that bring together the rights holder, the the libraries, and the schools and provide a means to involve other like minded individuals in their community to preserve and provide access to their local history

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Our experienced preservationists take pride in the care applied to preparing, inspecting and filming newspapers that can range from a few months old to papers from 2 centuries ago, and everything in between. In addition to 35mm archival microfilming services, we also  provide microfilm scanning, microfilm processing & duplication, microfiche scanning, as well as a custom online search platform for the hosting of digitized newspaper archives.

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