Document Management Solutions

In your business, you accumulate critical documents. You need to organize, store and have easy access to all that information. Archiving and retrieving information may not be your core competency. It is ours. Advantage Information Management Solutions (AIMS) manages and provides solutions tailored to your specific requirements. The Advantage Companies’ commercial division has provided document management solutions for many years. We pride ourselves in our understanding of business documents and their impact on your bottom line. We listen to your needs and requirements and design a solution specific to your company and its’ clients.

Document Management Solutions

With our strength of knowledge and flexibility you can count on us to provide the solution that fits your needs. Document imaging services and document management services from The Advantage Companies include indexing and online document hosting. We integrate existing databases with files kept in paper, microfilm and microfiche.

AIMS will reduce your costs, retrieval time and storage requirements. We’ll improve your:

  • Client & Employee Satisfaction
  • Work Environment
  • Security
  • Confidentiality

We are a Certified DocuWare Partner providing an enterprise wide imaging solution to our clients.  DocuWare  can be scaled  from 5 to 500 users utilizing modules to custom fit their solution to your company. Our knowledgeable technology staff custom designs load files to import into your existing Imaging System so we can assist you with large back file conversion projects while your staff completes the daily scanning. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to make your staff more efficient while providing exceptional customer service…our service is your Advantage.

HIPAA Compliant Document Management

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was enacted in 1996 to help protect individuals’ personal health information. Under HIPAA a patient has the right to access his or her own medical records. Patients can request to view or get copies of their records, request modifications to the records and request a listing of disclosures of their protected information. In addition to this HIPAA privacy regulations control how and when protected patient information can be shared by physicians and administrative staff.

From a document management perspective, the real impact is on the privacy and security portion. Due to the stringent rules, a comprehensive and secure document management strategy is becoming a necessity for healthcare providers to fully comply with HIPAA.  The guidelines set forth require that all records be secure with limited access. Organizations are required to create privacy policies and procedures and manage the patient records. Utilizing the services of Advantage Information Management Solutions will allow you to archive these records securely and retrieve them on demand, reducing overhead, and improving overall efficiency.

Confidentiality of Medical, Personnel and Financial Records has been paramount to our operations for years prior to the introduction of HIPAA. All new employees with The Advantage Companies pass background and drug tests, including temporary workers. Our own trucks and drivers provide added security. We sign BAA (Business Associate Agreements) client confidentiality agreements, employ video monitoring of our environment, which has strict entry requirements and operate in a security monitored building.


Large collections of data are cataloged and indexed for instant access to the appropriate documents, whether on CD, DVD or maintained on high-capacity network disk drives.  This work can be done onsite, at our facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Physical documents never leave our possession.

Output can be generated in any format requested such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG or other image structure.  Individual files can contain single images or multiple pages that are related.  Retrieval and index information could be as straightforward as just naming the file with the identifier or we can apply several values such as number, revision, date, subject, etc. in an external file.Typically these are Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets or comma-delimited files. We deliver appropriately cataloged TIFF documents to imaging systems from Alchemy, Documentum, FileNET, IBM, plus many others that can be found on our Imaging Software System’s page.

If you feel that The Advantage Companies’ document management services might meet your company’s requirements, we will be glad to demonstrate our capabilities by converting a few of your pages or electronic files.  We will promptly return the samples as an e-mail attachment.

Advantage Information Management Solutions provides document management & imaging solutions to organizations across Iowa. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service and quality services to Iowa’s  city, county, and state government agencies. Offering filming, imaging, and indexing of documents, Advantage Information Management Solutions focus is to ensure that your organization’s documents are easily accessible, now and in the future

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In today’s economic environment manufacturers must increase their overall business efficiency and reduce costs in order to remain competitive. Pressures to reduce product life cycles, improve quality, enforce standards, and comply with regulations make it vital for this sector to implement a document scanning and conversion solution. The Advantage Companies can assist by converting paper-based documents such as shipping/warehouse receipts, CAD drawings, letters, standard forms, reports, and even Emails into a digital format that can be searched and retrieved.
At Advantage Records Management & Storage, confidentiality of legal records is paramount to our operations. Only authorized client staff may request documents, which are handled in accordance with pre-established retrieval methods. Depending upon where the specific document lies within the process, electronic images can be immediately transmitted to the requestor. The document might be scanned and transmitted or the original might be photocopied and sent back in physical form.
Although patient chart conversions can vary from hundreds of thousands of images to millions of images, at Advantage Information Management Solutions, we understand that EVERY page may become critical when researched. EVERY page must be as legible as the original, no pages can be omitted and the data entered to identify the patient must be accurate. These three essentials have driven our focus on document scanning and conversion quality control over the years.
The transportation industry is a fast changing, document-intensive industry. Manually processing shipping/warehouse receipts, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Driver’s Logs, copies of Commercial Drivers Licences (CDL), bill of lading, generating invoices and miscellaneous documents is a time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient process. In today’s current environment, issues such as profitability, competition, regulatory compliance, and the growing concern over rising costs must be taken into account.
Over the past decade, government agencies at all levels have been increasingly relying upon electronic document management technologies to both improve upon their work process efficiencies and to deliver services to their constituents in a faster, more effective manner. During this time, Advantage Information Solutions has been fortunate to have partnered with dozens of government agencies to provide them with document scanning and conversion services.
Educational institutions of all sizes, public and private, are burdened with more paperwork than ever before. Dealing with paper-based business processes while struggling to comply with regulations such as NCLB, FERPA and HIPAA is tough for any administrator. Converting paper and microfilm student files (e.g. attendance documents, report cards, transcripts) to secure digital files can help your organization provide instant record access from any education system.

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