Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Advantage Information Management Solutions?

Advantage Information Management Solutions provides document management and imaging solutions to organizations across Eastern Iowa ranging from hospitals & clinics, to universities and school districts. At Advantage we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service and quality services to Iowa’s city, county, and state government agencies. Offering filming, imaging, and indexing of documents, Advantage Information Management Solutions focus is to ensure that your organization’s documents are easily accessible, now and in the future.

I have multiple users that all may want to access the same piece of information at the same time! How can you help my company?

Advantage Information Management Solutions (AIMS) works with companies to manage just that type of situation. Using digital imaging and scanning technology, AIMS finds solutions for multiple user environments.

I want to go paperless. Can you help me?

Advantage Information Management Solutions can handle all your digital and analog imaging needs. Advantage Information Management Solutions offers document management solutions for a vast range of clients and requirements. A customized solution is tailored to each client’s need providing electronic images of vital documents, providing instant access to mission critical information.

What is HIPAA and why should I worry about it?

HIPAA is an acronym for the Federal Government’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. which is a federal statute that provides for the development of uniform national health information data and privacy standards. In adopting the Act, Congress determined that the provisions of HIPAA would preempt any contrary state law unless the state law is more stringent than the related provision of HIPAA or unless a specific exception applies. The Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information (the Privacy Rule) took effect on April 14, 2001. The Privacy Rule creates national standards to protect individuals’ personal health information and gives patients increased access to their medical records.

What microfilming quality standards does Advantage IMS adhere to?

Advantage Information Management Solutions meet or exceeds all ANSI/AIIM standards for microfilm production, storage and duplication. We have developed an extensive, multi pass quality assurance program, and consider ourselves the preeminent microfilm lab in the country in terms of the quality of film produced. We apply the same strict quality control guidelines to our digital projects as well as our traditional conversion services. Our film is always produced in our film lab in our Cedar Rapids, Iowa facility. At no time will your original materials or film leave our facility without your express written consent.

What kind of microfilm does Advantage IMS Use?

Advantage Information Management Solutions creates all silver halide microfilm used for newspaper preservation in our FUJIFILM Certified Lab, using only the highest archival quality FUJIFILM products. The FUJIFILM North America Corporation Microfilm Processing Certification Program is designed to ensure processing consistency and quality through monitoring of our lab’s process activity level and QC control procedures. FUJIFILM-certified labs must perform daily and monthly testing to keep their certification current.

What are the different types of microfilm?

At Advantage Information Management Solutions, we provide Archival Quality microfilming services to government agencies, schools, libraries, and other institutions across the country. The preservation filming process includes a Master Negative, Silver Duplicate Negative and Silver Positive Service Copy. We will attempt to outline these and other types of film in the article found here.

What are the advantages of microfilm preservation and storage?

Microfilm has maintained its position as the standard for preservation since the 1930’s and for good reason. Microfilm that was created in the 1930’s and stored properly is still accessible today. That is why at the Advantage Companies, microfilming is still our preservation process and we provide microfilm services and storage to libraries and institutions across the country.

How will Advantage IMS store our microfilm?

We store all microfilm in our environmentally controlled, purpose built, and secure microform storage facility.  We inspect, test,  & inventory all film in your collection upon arrival and audit your collection annually. You will receive detailed reporting as to the condition & completion of your archive, as well as recommendations on how we may further protect and provide access to your collection..

Where will IMS physically store our microfilm?

All of our clients microfilm is stored on-site in our 80,000 square foot facility located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and will not be moved, transferred, or stored elsewhere without express written permission.

What is the difference between bi-tonal and grayscale scanning?

When a client approaches us to discuss the creation of a digital archive, we field a wide range of questions. Is it best to digitize from microfilm directly? Should we flatbed scan or rotary scan? If we digitize how long will this preserve our content? What types of metadata fields should we use? Can we do it ourselves?

Where can I find the latest news or announcements?

We have several ways in which you are able to stay up to date on announcements, company media mentions, educational articles and more. Connect with us on social media, read our blog, and find educational articles on document management and preservation support solutions from our team experts who have over 100 years of combined industry experience

What security precautions do you take?

We take security very seriously at Advantage. Our facility is equipped with: High/ low temp sensors and card access system on entry doors. All overhead and dock doors are secured, alarmed and under video surveillance. There are glass break detectors all windows, exterior doors, vault and computer server room. We employ motion detectors in the office and warehouse areas, and  video surveillance in the office, warehouse, vault and computer room. There is a line cut monitor w/ radio signal alarm and many other tools and policies in place to ensure your records are safe and secure.

Can you destroy my old records?

Yes, we can arrange for the destruction of your records, and supply you with the appropriate “Certificate of Destruction” for your records.

Do you have a documented Media Destruction Procedure?

The Advantage Companies has a strict policy to ensure that all data on tapes, optical disks & other removable media is destroyed per client request. Destruction refers to the process of physically damaging a medium so that it is not usable in a computer and so that no known exploitation method can retrieve data from it.


The Advantage Companies provide storage, document management, and preservation support solutions to organizations across the United States. These services include, but are by no means limited to: Archive Inspection & Audit Services, Records Management & Storage, HIPAA Compliant Records Management, HIPAA Compliant Document Management, Digitization of Microfilm, Hosted Imaging Solutions, Secure Vault Storage, Document Destruction & Shredding, Digital Storage & Access Solutions, Microfilm Storage, Large Format Document Scanning, and Digital Archive Hosting.


The Advantage Companies provide services and solutions to organizations in Iowa and across the United States. We are proud to serve: State & Local Governments, Libraries & Historical Societies, Newspaper Publishers, Health Care Institutions, Educational Institutions, Transportation & Logistics Organizations, State Historical Societies, Manufacturers, Legal Professionals, and many more.

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