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Sharing in the responsibility of preserving the history of Iowa, as told in the pages of the community newspapers

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Advantage and the State Historical Society have had a partnership, providing microfilm services, since 2011 and they have demonstrated great professionalism - they are experts in their field. Advantage shares our passion for newspapers, the content and making them accessible to people.

Tony JahnState Archivist

The Iowa History Project will provide equity and access to thousands of authentic primary sources in Iowa history. This will provide teachers and students across Iowa the chance to see Iowa history in a new light and uncover the stories that make Iowa history come to life.

Stefanie Rosenberg WagerSocial Studies Consultant Iowa Department of Education

Newspapers are fantastic primary sources that allow students and educators to dig deeper to become active history learners. By providing context for the days and weeks before and after historical events, students are able to more fully understand how the events impacted the nation.

Jennifer CooleyEducation & Outreach Manager State Historical Museum

The Advantage Company's Iowa History project to microfilm, digitize, and make available Iowa's newspapers to schools, libraries, and museums at no charge to the state, offers an opportunity to engage Iowans of all ages in the joy of research and discovery. Through research and the process of understanding past events, valuable 21st century skills are developed such as critical thinking, independent thinking, judgment of the accuracy and reliability of sources, analysis of conflicting evidence, awareness of multiple perspectives, interpretation, and communication. The Iowa Museum Association celebrates projects such as this, that provide historical resources to Iowans of all ages through their schools, museums, and libraries.

Cynthia SweetExecutive Director Iowa Museum Association

Our archives are an important part of community history. They help us understand events in our community's history, help us understand contributions of generations past from a truly unique vantage point: as they were happening. Making these archives accessible to the public is a great service to the community. But it also comes with costs. In time, portions of the archive need to be repaired because they are decaying from age. Finding resources to complete the repairs - before it is too late - is important. It's one of the reasons why we're supportive of Advantage's program to find additional partners to support this important work. We believe this approach is scalable and can lead to a comprehensive project for Iowans across the state. We're appreciative of Advantage's approach and understanding for the value of the archive and their willingness to work as true partners.

Zack KucharskiCedar Rapids Gazette Executive Editor

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