Advantage Preservation was selected by the Way Library to digitize its microfilm collection of newspapers.

The library sees this as a “tremendous advancement over the microfilm”, and says as much right on their website.  Microfilm, while still the standard for long-term preservation of historical newspapers is not very “user friendly”, and lacks the searching capability a digital image offers.

Digital newspaper archives will never be a replacement for microfilm as a preservation practice, but they are the only practical tool for unlocking the wealth of content stored on that microfilm.

Explore the history available here . We also encourage you to check out the local history section of the Way Library Website.

Currently online:

Perrysburg Journal 1854-1965

Perrysburg Messenger 1935-1965

Perrysburg Messenger Journal 1965-2013

There is an assortment of pre-1854 Perrysburg Journal newspapers from various years as well as the Buckeye Granger, a short-lived Perrysburg newspaper which ran from 1876-1878. There are also Spafford/Perrysburg Exchange Hotel registers available to search.

The Way Library is excited to have added this new and improved research tool to the Local History Department and is ready to assist those interested in learning more about it.