Thanks to the efforts of the Southworth Library, you can now find newspapers from the Dryden Weekly Herald, Dryden Weekly News, Rumsey’s Companion, and the Dryden News online. With papers dating from 1856 to 1993, the community history is much more accessible than ever before.

The article detailing the project can be found here.

The way the company [Advantage] works is, they scanned all of the film, made a digital copy – they make all of the OCR [Optical Character Recognition] information for the film, and we have a hard drive that everything is backed up on. So we can plug that in and search from there or through an internet browser.”

Dryden is a place with a history worth preserving, and Advantage Preservation is proud to be a part of the community’s efforts.

 “The history of Dryden is so fascinating,” she said. “There’s so many little stories, so many people – the amazing people that came through here and settled this area and created the village, the industry and the library itself. It’s just fascinating. And knowing those stories aren’t just buried in the newspaper or lost, or stuck on microfilm, and now are accessible, is just huge. When we know where we’ve been, where we came from, I think we can create a better future for Dryden. It’s such a wonderful village. The people are involved and care about it. So anything we can do to solidify the foundation is priceless.”

Advantage Preservation is a division of the Advantage Companies located in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Advantage Preservation focuses on preserving history on microfilm and providing tools to access that history digitally.