On April 19, 2014, “Jean”,

It transcribes a newspaper article posted in the Presque Isle, Maine newspaper, Star Herald, Feb. 13, 1919 and is signed at the end of the article by W. L. Duncan.

The article begins,

Many years ago, to be exact, in 1873, a Scotch sea captain whose ship plied between Scotland and St. John, on occasion of a voyage when he had some time on his hands in St. John, took a run up the river. Noting the big domain of government wild land he saw on the trip, he conceived the idea of bringing a colony of his neighbors in Old Kincardine across, and settling them in New Brunswick.

It goes on to tell a story about the man who created his own colony, the annual reunion trips he made, and most importantly, kinship. What is “Burns Night”? Read the article and you tell me.

I found this interesting not only from a historical perspective, but also in terms of the writing style and narrative.

Seeing the article in the paper as it was printed and delivered in 1919, make it even more intriguing to me. View the original newspaper story here.