DeManda McGowen wrote an article for the Neligh Press about the efforts of Neligh Public Library to create online access to Neligh newspapers from 1879 to 2013. In DeManda’s article, she says, “The history of Neligh has been digitally preserved.” Advantage Preservation would prefer to think of it as “digitally accessible” but the message is the same….the microfilm collection Neligh Public Library is much more accessible than ever before.

The article can be read in its entirety here:

From the article:

Prior to the digitalization, the library had microfilm of the newspapers from 1879 to 2001 available and hard copies of the newspapers from 1902 to 2013 were stored in the library basement.

The newspapers on microfilm, were already preserved for future generations, however the hard copy papers were at risk. Neither were available, accessible, or practical. This was the goal of the Neligh Public Library, to unlock this content and make it widely available.

The process was an extensive one. It began with the newspapers being scanned, indexed and optical character recognized by the Advantage Companies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Hard copies and microfilm from the library were sent to the company.
Advantage microfilmed all of the hard copy newspapers and scanned the microfilm to create a digital, therefore searchable image. This newspaper image could be made available online. Advantage believes strongly that microfilm is at the heart of projects like this. Papers need to be preserved on microfilm. Content on microfilm needs to more accessible.