In an article published in the Daily Iowegian, talks a bit about the affordability of the solution provided by Advantage Preservation.

The cost of the digitization of all of the newspapers is around $25,000, which may sound like a large expenditure, but when you take into consideration the volume of material that has to be done, it’s less than $200 per year. The Advantage Companies in Cedar Rapids has recently quoted the project to cost $24,300, and that is through the 2010 newspapers. Once completed, a much more affordable annual cost will be incurred to keep the archive current.

The potential for the digitization was originally suggested by Appanoose County Genealogy Society President Gary Craver. He has spent thousands of hours at the library, pouring over microfilm doing genealogical research. The possibility of doing the research from his home was really appealing, so he contacted (Another Vendor) to get a quote. It was very expensive, and he didn’t know how the money could ever be raised to accomplish it.

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When considering price, the team at Advantage Preservation strives to strike the perfect balance between quantity, quality, and affordability. Our process and philosophies allow us to provide libraries with solutions that offer both volume and value. We know that no two products are alike, and do not offer “cookie cutter” solutions. We evaluate each collection and give realistic options as to what can be offered to provide both preservation and accessibility.