The article published by Jack Shaum makes for a very interesting read for librarians, historians, students, and…. actually, anyone who cares about the preservation and accessibility of local history.  The article chronicles the efforts to unlock the history contained in the microfilm rolls currently in the Queen Anne’s County Library’s collection.

In the article, library director John Walden talks about the contract that has been signed with Advantage Preservation. He describes Advantage as “an Iowa firm that specializes in the preservation of historic documents”.

Walden says:

“The stacks of newspapers now stored at the library will soon be shipped

there for digitization. “It’s going to be very good quality, and it’s going to be searchable,”

We enjoyed working with Walden and the team at Queen Anne’s County Library, as they share in our philosophy of microfilm being a critical component to any newspaper preservation strategy, and the digitization being viewed as an enhancement that allows for accessibility to the content contained on the reel,

The decision to digitize the newspapers from 1980 through 2014 was made because those editions have not been preserved on microfilm or any other medium other than printed versions. Many earlier editions already exist on microfilm at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Walden said.

Advantage Preservation will make microfilm versions and digital versions so that there will be more than one electric source for the old papers, he explained. The original newspapers will then go to the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis, which is assisting the library with the project.

The Bay Times and Record Observer, are also equally as enthusiastic. Angela Price,  was quoted as saying: “As community newspapers, The Bay Times and The Record Observer both serve as public records as to the happenings of the day. Whether reporting about a baby’s birth, a student’s scholarship, an athlete’s achievement, who was elected to office, or the public outcry raised in response to an ill-advised piece of legislation, we’re there,”.

Please read the article that Jack wrote, there is so much good information, and it deserves more attention