Herbert C. Hoover, Son of Iowa, was elected President of the United States on November 6th, 1928 in what the headlines called the “Greatest Republican Presidential Victory in History”.

West Branch, located less than an hour south of the Advantage offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was home to Hoover as a boy.

All of Iowa was invited to join in as West Branch celebrated Hoover’s victory with a parade and Jubilee. The President-Elect sent thanks to his hometown as Hoover was humble in accepting the honor accorded to him. President Hoover’s first comments read,

“In this hour there can be for me no feeling of victor or exultation. Rather, it imposes a sense of solemn responsibility of the future and complete dependence upon divine guidance for the task which the greatest office in the world imposes. That task is to give the best within me to interpret the common sense and the ideals of the American people.”

Today, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Herbert Hoover National Historic Site are both located in West Branch, Iowa.