Barb Arland-Fye wrote an article for The Catholic Messenger highlighting a project to provide “Free and easy access available to Catholic history”. Barb’s article can be found here:

Of note:

Advantage Companies of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which undertook the project, digitized microfilm images of the newspaper’s pages to make them readable, searchable and accessible. The project culminates years of dreaming, discussing and researching how to make The Catholic Messenger archive more readily available to researchers, genealogists, students and others.

Advantage Preservation is a division of the Advantage Companies. The sole mission of Advantage Preservation is to preserve and provide access the history contained on newspaper pages. For this project, over 80,000 pages of The Catholic Messenger’s were digitized and made available online.  The first page in the archive is from Jan. 6, 1883.

Also from Barb’s article:

Fr. McDaniel, retired history professor of St. Ambrose Uni­versity, Davenport, notes that “A newspaper is a journal of the life of a people, in the case of the Messenger, the life of the people of the Diocese of Davenport. So it is important that the Messenger be preserved. This new digital archive will make it easily accessible and preserve it for generations to come.”

To end the article, the retired director of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum adds, “There is no price that can be put on this exponential increase in the ease of access to these precious documents.”