My Father, Dr. Eganhouse and I founded the Advantage Companies in 2003 to service the records management needs of the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City communities. To compliment our records management business, we worked to assemble a qualified team of information management professionals, and imaging specialists. The two separate business units became known as Advantage Information Managements Solutions and Advantage Records Management. Although each business unit had individual goals and business models, they are symbiotic in nature, and share a common mission:

Protect documents (paper records or digital files) and make them easily accessible.

It came to my attention in late 2010, that the executive team of a company not too far from our facility had all recently resigned from their positions. After visiting with them, I instantly recognized the similarities between their goals and those of the Advantage Companies, and we actually shared a very similar mission:

Protect documents, and make them easily accessible.

In late 2011, Jeffrey Kiley, Chris Donohue and I embarked on a journey to provide preservation-microfilming services for newspapers, and digital access to historical newspapers for libraries.

Advantage Preservation was born, and the mission statement only changed by one word.

Preserve documents, and make them easily accessible

Today our mission continues.  Advantage Preservation works with nearly 1100 libraries in 27 states and 430 cities, creating 40,0000 microfilm reels, representing around 40M newspaper pages.

Chris Donohue (CFO), Jeff Kiley (COO), and myself (Paul Eganhouse, CEO) are all Iowans, as are our employees. The Advantage Companies is an Iowa company, serving Iowa residents for over 14 years. We have a long-standing relationship with the state of Iowa and a deep-rooted affinity for our state’s history.  With this recent announcement by the State Historical Society of Iowa, it will allow my business to take a more active role in protecting the “first draft of Iowa’s history”.

Jeff, the team, and I share a vision of this historic newspaper content being available in the classroom, and we are united in this project’s mission to:  “Ensure the preservation and accessibility of the history contained within Iowa’s newspapers”.

By collaborating with SHSI, libraries, schools, and newspaper publishers, we believe we can engage other like-minded Iowans to join us in our mission.