As a pilot in the Strategic Air Command during the mid-1950s and in the Iowa National Air Guard in the 1960s, I learned a great deal about quality control. There was no room for error and if you didn’t do things right, you were removed from your assignment. Which is exactly as it should be. If any of us are not doing our job in top-notch form, no matter what our profession, then we should be in a different line of work. While most people work in an industry that does not deal with life and death decisions, these professions are nonetheless significant to the customers they serve. A customer puts his/her business in our hands and has every right to expect 110% every day.  At Advantage Records Management and Storage, we take pride in living up to our motto, “Service is our Advantage.” After my military career, I embarked on a 38-year career as an orthodontist. Just as my military experience had taught me many lessons, my second profession provided learning opportunities as well. 

I learned that I was not only in the orthodontics business; I was in the people business as well. My skill as a communicator was just as essential as my skill as an orthodontist. Each young patient was unique and his/her parent, always concerned and close at hand, was also unique. I never became so busy that I forgot to treat them with courtesy and respect. I brought with me those lessons learned and skills developed in my earlier careers. Today, as president of Advantage Records Management and Storage, I continue to focus on quality control while also remembering the human side of all business—treating customers with the respect they deserve. This philosophy is instilled in each professional on our staff. We all realize that each customer is an individual, not an account. We know that each person has a busy life with a number of demands on their time and energy. That’s why we make every effort to be courteous and efficient so that their relationship with Advantage Records is enjoyable and easy. It is a privilege to serve our customers and we never forget this.

Truly this is a 24/7 company. A recent installation of an electrical generator ensures that Advantage Records Management & Storage and our sister company— Advantage Information Management Solutions—are never without electrical power. When prospective customers tour our facility, we are sometimes asked what we can offer over the competition. Our advantage is our ability to successfully combine knowledge with a better product at a reasonable price. The staff of Advantage Records Management and Storage are top-notch; we recruit only the best in the profession to our team. We also have the prestige of being the only facility in the state of Iowa to offer a National Fire Protection Association rated secured storage vault for vital magnetic, electronic and computer media.

I did a great deal of research before deciding to invest in the records management industry. Everything I learned indicated this was a growth industry, and exactly where we wanted to be. With the growing governmental requirements for records management and accountability, I believe the future offers a strong, expanding base of services and products we can offer to a relatively untapped base of customers. Please call us today at 319-363-2727. We would be happy to provide a tour of our facility and show you why “Service is our Advantage.”